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Project Shutdown

It is with the deepest regret that we have decided to close down the Project.

The final day of trading will be 31/12/2012, and we are signing no new work between now and then.

The entire point of the Project was to connect highly skilled but under experienced freelancers with venues, businesses and organisers in order to build them up, give them experience, and fill a desperate need that exists in the production industry - a complete lack of highly motivated, highly skilled, team members.

Needless to say, this worked very well. So well, that we were able to diversify into other fields, build saleable software and further widen our net to help as many as we can.

The point of the Project was never to make a roaring profit. We ran at, and occasionally below, cost - but everyone enjoyed what they were doing so it balances out in the end.

The production scene isn't what it was when I started the Project (originally TAPS) all those years ago. We have seen a massive rise in numbers, both the good ones and the bad ones, and the state of play is that there is far too much work to do, for essentially no return - and while it's been extraordinary fun, it is no longer sustainable.

Most of you probably know this by now, so here are the details.

  1. Production Services
    All members of the Production team are continuing in their chosen field of excellence, and will still be available for shows as required. You may contact them directly to organise
  2. Technology Services
    All standing work orders will be completed, but that will be the end of our service offering. Any long term agreements will be resolved individually, and your Project contact will be in touch.
  3. LivePulse
    As is well known by now, the core technology behind LIVEPulse (including the full hosting setup) has been sold and will be privatised. All existing LP users will receive 100 free hours.
  4. WorkFlow Manager
    WFM is also currently being sold, we are seeking a company who is willing to acquire the software and can maintain our update cycle. All currently licenced users will receive a mailout when the details are finalised.
  5. WFM:Teams, WFM Betas and CDS
    WFM:Teams will no longer be developed, while WFM Beta editions will continue to be maintained for the duration of the shutdown cycle. Core Developer Services, including our forwards-facing APIs (most notably our LDAP, RSA and Maths tools) will be maintained by the company that obtains WFM rights.

Every single member of the project has done me, and indeed the brand, proud - and I know that we will have fantastic ongoing relationships for many years to come.

Unfortunately, for now at least, this is our final curtain.

On behalf of the entire team,
Thank you.

Owen Hardman
Production Manager & Founder
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